Tuesday, February 7, 2012

After a while


I think Im finally feeling a bit more normal after spending my 4days with the entire family. Thank you ♥

I think emotional breakdowns are healthy (car breakdowns not so much but thats a whole other story). I've been trying to convince myself that life is great, but there are always cracks underneath. And then I go to the other extreme of wanting to run away from my life now ==' - when I know there are things that I wouldnt give up.

I need to change my focus. I've been trying to concentrate fully on university, thinking that make me work harder as I would have all the deadlines in my mind. I've found its just made me stress out more. Now Im going to have fun with ticking things off leaving me with just one thing to concentrate on.

The big things to tick me off now is my assignment 225 that is going to pass up on tomorrow at 8am. Even I dont really understand, I know I have to try. This is my final semester in diploma. Whatever it is, it is a MUST for me to give my best.

Talking of the assignment- I now have answered 5 questions. I've started it last night about on 11pm and stop it on 3am sebab dengar bunyi burung hantu. Hoho ;P (I dah agak kalau berjalan dengan family, memang tak pandang pun assignments segala tu haaa.. Hewhew -__-) And I got 4 questions closer to being done. Yeay. And I do have some good feel of what to pursue.

Im ever hopeful that things will just fall into place. I need to survive a bit and then I can breathe again. This is me :D

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